Two beginner Qs

Hi guys,

Just a couple of quick questions…

  1. When I open the mixer, it always restores my project’s workspace; is it possible to keep my workspace maximized when opening things such as the mixer?

  2. The metronome is routed through the main stereo out at the moment. Can I create another bus or something to make it easy to change the metronome volume on the go ( instead of transport --> metronome setup)?

Any pointers in the right direction are appreciated. Cheers.

(sorry, can’t help with #1)
As for #2, which version of Cubase do you have? (only the full version of Cubase 4 and later, has the Control Room, which gives more options as regards monitoring).
Anyways, even in Cubase Studio or Cubase Essential, LE etc., you can assign the Metronome to any output that is defined in the VST Connections dialog (just click in the “Click” column)

For #1: set the mixer to ‘always on top’. I think you can do that by rightclicking on it.

Ok I have got #1 sorted (thanks Strophoid, it worked a treat).

#2: I have full cubase 5, so I have the control room but don’t know how to set it up for ease of changing the metronome volume. In the vst connections studio tab, I can’t see a column to select “click” like the output tab has…

The click volume can be set from the control room mixer.

Ok I managed to change the volume of the click in the control room. Is it possible to have a channel on the (main) mixer just to set the metronome volume? I am still trying to get my head around busses. Thanks for any tips!

I don’t think so unfortunately, unless you use a VST.

I’m pretty sure it could be done in sx or some other version, however, after boning up on the control room, I think I may be able to sort something out. So much for a beginner to learn :confused:

This thread is kinda old but I’m going to answer it as best as I since I’m new to 6, but used SX extensively so I know a bit about Cubase. In SX, they used to have an Audition Channel strip that you could turn on from the Studio tab in VST Connections. That’s gone now. What you can do instead:

Open VST connections and go to the Studio tab. If there isn’t a Monitor Channel, create one in stereo. Set the output for the Monitor Channel to your hardware driver. This will take the output away from your main output in the Output tab and redirect it to the Control Room. Now open your Control Room Mixer and you’ll get a floating output channel that has a CLIK button. Make sure that’s enabled. Under it is a small digital display that enables you to control the output volume of the metronome.

I’d really like to dock this floating window in the mixer because I really don’t want another floating window. I also prefer the way I used to do it in SX because I don’t do my studio routing in software, I do it in hardware. I’d like to keep the option rather than being forced to do it this way.

A big suggestion tho. Only use the metronome to help you get the tempo correct. Make a scratch track with the beats in Groove Agent and use that as your metronome. It’s super easy and you’ll get your groove as well as your metronome in 2 minutes which is a better foundation to work from.