Two boot windows7+hakintosh one Cubase 7

I buy the cubase 7 update from 6,5 version…
But i dont have the setup/installer for mac version… were i find?
its working with one usb dongle?
if is not possible with one usb dongle then i have a usb dongle for my old Cubase 4 essential… can i use this usb dongle for the second boot (mac 10.8.3) inthe same tower? if download the trial demo version and activate with my activate code? is work this?
please any help… sorry for my english.

Both the WIN and MAC versions are there on the DVD. However, you may have to open it in OSX to see the MAC installer.

Yes, the same dongle works for WIN and Mac.

No, you can’t use a USB stick as a system drive. USB is far too slow for this purpose.

It is possible to install OSX on a non-Apple built computer with Intel processors. It is a bit tricky and not all hardware works. There are plenty of sites on the net that you might visit for information. Just google “Hackintosh”.

thanks for anser… i have the Download version of cubase, i buy from Steinberg online shop,
but how i download the Mac version? i burn the Cubase 7 DVD when i Download it… you tell me that the Mac installer is the same disc? (I thought i had to choose which version I want to download, the Mac os or the Win7)

i install perfect the Hakintosh 10.8.3 mountain Lion on my pc… and i want to install all my stuff of pc in Mac version.

Everything you need can be downloaded here:


Thank you Steve … i fell so stupid… I thought only the upgrade was to Steinberg Download :blush: !!!