Two breath marks at the same rhythmic point

How can I have two independent breath marks at then end of notes of different durations in two voices. Dorico only lets me have one (because, yes, that is correct).


Set the rhythmic grid to its lowest value (32nd). Invoke the carat and set the second one to a 32nd apart. It should be close, any needed adjustments can be made in Engrave mode.

@Craig_F That would be good if Dorico would let me have two breath marks, but it won’t. No matter which note I choose Dorico only puts one mark at this position. What therefore am I missing?

What Craig explains is that you can have two breath marks on two different positions, but very close.

You mean shift the notes? I’d rather not if possible.

Enter one breath mark wherever you want. Move the carat a 32nd note back or forward and enter the second.

Ah, now I get it. And i can move them as desired in engrave mode.

Thanks all!

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