Two bugs for one: Player labels and Empty rogue players

So I’m revisiting a previous project and came across two odd bugs that have created themselves…

You can see the “Percussion I” player holding several instruments, “Percussion II” holding several, etc.
There are also empty players of the same names.
I took the time to create the instrument names you see listed so that they would not pick up automatic numbering (e.g. the vibraphone, for example, is played by 3 players, so they got labeled as Vibe 1, 2, 3 - which adds noise & confusion in the labels).
However, these rogue players that appear empty - when the “empty” player is selected, the instruments in the block above are selected - as if they are attached to the wrong thing and grouped oddly.
If I delete the “empty” players, it deletes BOTH players. The only way to get it back is to hit “Undo,” then the player WITH instruments comes back, while the “empty” player does not come back.

However - in this screenshot, Percussion IV and Percussion V are still showing the second of each of their instruments (e.g. Percussion IV Chimes II - this should just read “Percussion IV Chimes” - there is only one instrument identified as “Percussion IV Chimes”).
Considering there are hidden instruments somewhere that Dorico thinks are there, I don’t know how to fix this instrument label problem without recreating the whole score. I’ve already tried editing the existing text labels and that doesn’t change the addition of the “II” at the end of every part.

What happens if you Exit Dorico and re-open it?

Tried that!
Even found a different version of the same file that was stashed elsewhere (before I started to create my condensing score) and that had all the same problems.

You’ll need to attach the project itself, Ryan. Unfortunately we can’t fix projects via pictures.

Here 'tis. Muchas gracias!

Spirals FINAL.dorico (3.1 MB)

I can provide semi-good news. You can make all of the instruments that show no labels at all for the percussion players in Group 13 show their names again… but it will come at the expense of resetting all of the other instrument names in the whole project. If you look at the Key Commands page of Preferences you can assign a shortcut to Edit > Reset Instrument Names (which doesn’t appear in the menu, so you can only access it via a shortcut). This will reset all of the instrument names for all instruments held by all players in the whole ensemble.

If that makes your blood run cold, then unfortunately really the only other option I can think of is to create new players that correspond to the players that have the nameless instruments, and manually re-add each instrument held by each player, then copy and paste the music across from the old instruments to the new.

Thank you!
It took a few extra steps - the name definitions were reset, of course. The mystery duplicate players still remained. They had to be deleted, which deleted the “real” player, also. Hitting “Undo” brought back the player as a single thing, not including the mysterious doppelgängers.