Two bumps on the Dorico road

  1. Two months ago I asked if anybody else had experience of unwanted zooming out which happens to me while editing drum parts, quite often when I want to click on a note I will be zoomed our which is very irritating, it doesn’t happen in any other program (I’m on a Mac). Obviously nobody else has this problem but does somebody have an idea about what makes this occur?

  2. I was criticised for bumping when I asked twice for a token with the names of the instruments in a flow. As this happened in February and I never got any response to the content of my question I will risk your wrath by asking it again: Is it possible to have a token for the instruments in a flow?

Respectfully yours
Bengt B.

Assuming you’re using a touchpad, I guess you’re somehow clicking and pinching with two fingers and that’s causing the unwanted zoom. If you’re using a mouse, then I have no idea what it could possibly be.

Your request concerning tokens is noted.

Thanks Daniel,
I’m using a mouse since my touchpad gave in. Shall try that again.

If the touchpad gave out, it might be sending unwanted signals to the display, even though you’re using a mouse. I’d suggest turning it off, and then see if that changes the behavior. If on Windows, you turn it off in Control Panel, and if on Mac in System Preferences.

I’ve discovered on my Mac that when using a mouse, if the touchpad is turned on it can pick up stray touches of my thumb or fingers and do strange things I didn’t intend. (And not just in Dorico.)


Thank you Len, I’ll try that.

I for unwanted signals like that from my apple keyboard which I had stored in a closet with books on top of it… took me a while before I realized what was going on :grin:

Quite off topic, but inspired by Andre’s comment: I had my MacBook Pro connected to external Monitor, keyboard and mouse. One day a had a big problem ejecting a DVD :dvd: (which I just had put in) from the computer (yes it still has a DVD slot…). I tried every method, shortkey, keycombination, restarting etc., nothing would work. Also the DVD had not turned up in the finder, it somehow was not readable. I think I even contacted Appke support. Finally the problem was solved: as the MacBook Pro was covered with some books and papers I had not noticed that I actually had not shifted the DVD into the Superdrive slot but instead between the closed screen/lid and the keyboard :grimacing:… No wonder it had not been recognised :astonished:
So I can recommend not to bury a computer underneath office paperwork…