Two columns in frames possible (Master Page Editor)?

Is there a way in Dorico 5 to display text (using token {@playerList@}) in two columns? Thanks in advance!

If the number of players is even, then have two text frames side by side, with their vertical alignment set to top and bottom, respectively:

If the number of players is odd, then reduce the height of the text frame on the right.

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Thanks for the tip! But I’m looking for a solution using the token {@playerList@}. I don’t want to manually enter the player names in the frame.

If you change the text frame vertical alignment properties to top (on the left ) and bottom (on the right) and set the sizes appropriately, the left frame will show only the top half of the list and the right will show the bottom half of the list! (It’s a little fiddly to set the correct size, but it works!)


Wow, that’s it! Thanks guys for your support!