Two comments regarding comments

Two ideas motivated by a larger edition project:

— It’s obviously not a priority, but an annotation system would already be much welcomed, methinks, if it’s something small enough to slot in sometime in the future. And I would definitely recommend that it looks little like the one in Product A. Something along the lines of Acrobat or Apple Pages’ would be much nicer: a list of all comments in a sidebar. Something rather more discrete by the musical text, instead of a large floating sticky. Clicking on a comment would scroll to the annotated music; clicking on whichever mark would stand for a comment would bring the annotating into focus on the list.

— I would find it very, very useful if we could export the annotations on a plaintext or in .csv. And I feel some kind of import might have its uses too.

Feel free to add your thoughts, as always.

My only comment to your comments on comments (which I’m in agreement with, by the way) is to just come out and name Product A. I assume Sibelius, since I can’t think of a comparable feature in Finale.

It’s kind of a running joke, a holdover from the first development diaries! But yes, I do mean Sibelius, of course. It boggles the mind that there’s nothing similar in Finale, really.

When you hold the comfortable lion’s share of the market, why bother adding features? /s

Of course I think that will change within a few more years.

Lion’s share in the US market, you mean :wink:

I would love this! I would also like the ability to print (actually print of PDF) a page where the music might be a little reduced on the perhaps the right side of the page, and on the left, there are the comments, with lines to where the comments appear.

That way I can could add editorial notes (such as, “Is this really supposed to be a Bb?”), and the composer could see the note, and see where it was pointing to on 1 page.

Just a thought.


I’d love a dedicated commenting system as well. Right now, I’m orchestrating a large theater work and I’ve been using shift-x text to send and receive notes from the composer (with the color property changed depending on the recipient). It works okay-ish, but at some point… in the fullness of time… something purpose-built would be nice.

In Finale, hilariously, I only ever wrote comments to myself, but they weren’t actually comments; I just used the expression tool to create boxes of various sizes that I’d draw onto the score around areas that needed some sort of attention at a later date. Honestly, I may actually resume the practice when box notation comes to Dorico if the tool is flexible enough, but that’s neither here nor there.

Recently I was at the first rehearsal of the work arranged by me.
The conductor requested some modification, but I could not reflect all requests in the rehearsal.

At that time, I thought if I could have used a comment tool inside of Dorico, it would be great.
Dorico has a system track above the first staff of each system. When clicking a rectangle (=a bar covering all staves in a system) on the track, a trash icon appears, and we can delete the bar by clicking the trash icon.
Methought, each rectangle on the track could provide an additional memo icon which creates a small pop-up window when pressed by a user.
How about this?


I think this is a great launching point idea. Of course, I’m sure people will want more granular controls (if you have 35 staves and you are only commenting on a measure vs. a specific part it could be confusing), however this would definitely be a step in the right direction. Just make sure the pen icon isn’t next to the trashcan icon! lol