Two computers

Is a USB e-Licenser the only way to use Dorico on two computers? With Sibelius it was so easy to set it up so that I could use it on my Desktop at home and Laptop while on the move. I find it ridiculous that this is a limitation of this software.

This is typically pianoleo’s line, but… please do a forum search. There are plenty of threads about this. Here’s one:

Short answer: that’s what it is currently, but the plan is for it to change. It’s a Steinberg issue, not a Dorico issue. Nobody likes it.

This is indeed typically pianoleo’s line, except I’d helpfully find the thread that explains that work’s already going on behind the scenes for a new licensing solution:


Thanks so much! I missed this thread somehow. Found other ones that were much older. Hopefully we do see a solution to this in the near future. I guess for now I’m stuck working when I’m at home.

you could use the full trial version on your laptop for 30 days.
That is what I did. As the licensing system hasn’t updated since then I bought a Dorico 2 Elements license (99$) to work on the laptop in the mean time. Of course looking forward to a new reglement, especially as I like looking at and tweaking/fine tuning the Engraving on the road…