Two copies of the program

I want to know how this is handle.

I have two computer, a PC and laptop. When I decide for elements or pro, I would like to have a copy on both computers. Is this possible with only one license?

PD: this computer are both on the same network.

You can move the Wavelab dongle from one to the other or purchase a separate dongle/license for each. WL does not permit sharing the license over a network. I have two computers a Mac and a PC and have separate licenses/dongles for each. Hope this helps…

One thing to note is that WaveLab 9 Pro authorizes on a USB dongle, and WaveLab Elements does not. It uses a “soft e-Licenser” which means you authorize it once in the eLicenser Control Center app and then you can open it with no dongle.

I don’t know how this works for multiple machines as I’ve never tried it.

When I had only one license for WaveLab Pro, I had it installed on my iMac and laptop, but of course the app wouldn’t launch unless the USB dongle was inserted. I’m not sure if there is a trick to authorizing it over a network shared USB port.

Thanks all for answer.

So it’s clear that just moving the dongle works. And what about Wavelab Elements that don’t have this dongle?

You’d put the Elements license on the dongle, not the soft license, if you want to go from one computer to the other.

Of course the dongle would be an extra expense for Elements if you don’t already have one.