Two Cubases on the same computer: Uninstalling the other?

I have Cubase 11 and Cubase 12 installed on the same computer and I would like to uninstall version 11.

I’m just thinking, don’t they have some shared files, data, components, etc.? Like in some Windows folders?

Does the uninstallation procedure of Cubase 11 know that there is another version of Cubase (12) on the same computer and understands not to remove the whatever shared files there might be between those two seperate versions of Cubases?

Am I thinking too much and this actually is just a totally normal and safe procedure that goes smoothly typically?

Just uninstall 11.

If you want to be 110% safe, get in Cubase 12 first and update (save anew) your profile and preferences.

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Once you installed C12 and started it at least once, it will have (or should have) imported all preferences from C11. At that point, it’s safe to uninstall C11. Older versions don’t actually take up much space though, so I usually leave the old one there until maybe a few months have gone by where I haven’t used the older one at all.

For full backwards compatibility with all past (~30 years!) of projects, I currently still have Cubase VST 5, Cubase SX3, Cubase 8.5 32-bit and Cubase 12 installed! There’s even an Atari ST in the attic. With all versions from C9 onwards, I’ve updated each project to the newer version (keeping backups) and uninstalled the old one after a period of non-use.


Okay, I just uninstalled the Cubase 11 and at least the 12 starts. :sweat_smile: I’ll post here if some problems occur later. Thanks to both for your replies!