Two deficiencies with the x-fade loop editor (tweaker)

The cross fade loop editor in Wave Lab Elements is better than most but it could be even better. :slightly_smiling_face:

Consider the following problem. The shown sample needs a crossfade (image 1) but since the loop is long in comparison to the margins to be used for crossfade the precision of the crossfade handles is almost nonexistent (image 2). There is a tiny small section all the way to the right to use and it’s not obvious (no snap or indication) when the crossfade area goes outside the range. I believe this GUI could be improved. The big section in green representing audio not in crossfade which has no useful interaction could perhaps be split and partly removed so the handles can be bigger?

Also in this case it could be more benificial to be able to use the Crossfade after loop option (image 3) and use audio to the right of the right loop marker (since that section is longer). So if there was an 2nd option to reverse the “arrow” so audio from right of right loop marker is mixed in (and faded out) to the right of the left loop marker, there would be a nice extra crossfade option for looping. This editor is otherwise of no use for looping.