two different keys at start?


is there an “official workaround” to get two different keys at the beginning of a system - as it is quite common use in older scores or parts?

two different keys at start.png

Sure: add a small note value to the beginning of the bar using Shift-B, make it a rest and hide it, then add a clef change after that. Manually adjust the spacing too.

Your example looks like a cue. If it is, then Dorico will change the clef automatically, depending on the options you use to format the cue.

Thank you, Dan.

This would mean, I do the
then input something like
to get a semiquaver/sixteenth note upbeat, where I would have to input a note, hide it and go ahead with the clef change? This would of course also change all other instruments…

Or did you mean something else, using the Bar-Popover Shift-B ?

yes Rob, it is a cue indeed. But there are no rests for the main player. So it is not a proper cue in its sense.
Or is there a way in Dorico to deactivate the whole bar rests during the cues?
This would solve my problem…

Check Notation Options–Rests. There’s an option to omit bar rests in cues.

ah, that is what I was hoping for, thank you Dan.