Two different versions of the same part

I’m sure this is something that can be done, but haven’t quite figured it out as yet.

The use case is that I have piano and bass parts for a big band score,and notmally these parts are mostly just chords, slashes and slash notation. However, I’ve also been trying out the chords to notes feature for playback purposes (and really impressed; I’ll actually be trying it on the horns too at some point - though it would be nice there to have the ability to select preset voicing rules like close, drop 2 and drop 2/4 that are commonly used in big band arranging). After adding some rhythmic interest the piano part is really nice, and sometimes we play with deps who read rather than interpret chords.

As such it would be nice to have two versions of that part, one with the slash notation and one with the slash regions and slash voices. I’ve created a new second layout and added the part to it, but not sure whether it’s possible to hide the slash region overlays and have the converted slash voices ignored on that part?

It’s not easily possible, I’m afraid: you can’t specify that a slash region should not appear in a particular part. I can see this would be useful in situations like this, certainly.

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Ah, ok, no worries. I guess the current workaround is to duplicate the part but leave one muted for playback, and leave them off the score?

Yes, that would probably be the way to do it right now.

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