Two displays and inadequate positions of windows

Hey, Cubase tribe!

Lot of you have two or more monitors, I guess.
Yesterday I receive a gift from my wife - a second display! Good Samsung 24 inch. For me it is very good and MixConsole now is big like live SoundCraft mixer. (Now singing James Brown’s “I Feel Good”)

What I find what is very strange for such big system as Cubase is? It is disturbing a bit. Any plugins and track settings windows initially opened in Main window which is on main display.

This was tested on both versions - 9.0.40 and 9.5.10.

I think it should be more sensitive - show up plugin or settings window on that display, where it was called for by clicking on “E” or initially opened.

The reason is simple as horse duck - If I’m composing, I work in Project window and add some plugins or do some track settings - of course small windows should appear there - on main display. But when I’m mixing, I work on MixConsole window and all small windows should open there. It’s so simple. Don’t need to store small window’s position in project file or system settings (xml), but simply open it there, where it was called. Some kind of Artificial Intelligence :wink: