Two easy ways to massivly improve Media Bay experience

First way:
You know when your going through sounds and your not really sure yet… You hear something promising then 30 clicks later you want to go back to it? Do you remember which sound is which? Was it Ambient kit 12, or was it Ambience Drum 3b? And what about that Moog sound you came across, the one called x3947b that could be useful later…or was it 439x73?

We need an audition bay, where we can temporarily gather selected items for shortlisting later. Any sound marked ‘audition’ would list and those sounds that you decide to kill could easily be put into a ‘recycle bin’ area. This could be emptied at will.

Although this can be done by loading auditioned samples etc, into your project, it is cluttering to do so. Media Bay does a great job of providing auditioning tools without set up and clutter

Way 2:
Eric Persing has developed a way to ensure all sounds get tagged, he uses it in all his stuff except RMX. It’s so good it should be universal. Every time a sound is saved it opens an Edit Tag window. Here you find ‘compulsory’ and non compulsory tags. So, when you save an item, you get compelled into tidy housekeeping. Because of this, when you later seatch for stuff, its tagged the way you like it. Perhaps the Add user attribute could be adapted. You can create your own tags and so seek all your zoul sounds, or Mr’s Brown’s tune sounds.
So, when a preset is saved in any instrument (e.g. Groove Agent) - destined for Media Bay, this way its thought about, and tagged intelligently for thing like mood, genre… or what Media Bay desires. It’s a question of building the tag thing into Cubase rather than the instruments.



Good idea.

My current method to improve the Media Bay is to ignore it. :stuck_out_tongue: