Two elicensers on same machine or total removal of elicenser

I want to know if
1 i can install two elicensers for two different accounts on same machine
2 how to completely delete soft elicenser so i can install new one with new id

Yes, you can plug as many USB-eLicensers to your machine as is technically possible.

In case you’re Soft-eLicenser causes problems that cannot be solved otherwise, please use this tool to delete the existing Soft-eLicenser and create a new Soft-eLicenser:

I am installing the elicenser onto PC not USB.

How can I contact your company to ask for a Cubase 5 or 7 LE license? I have tried everything for my son’s new account and he can’t get the offer you had for the LE version license giveaway. Please let me know so I can forward his email.

Where did you see this offer of an LE license giveaway?
It normally comes with purchased hardware and you would get an activation code in the box.

Maybe there was something I missed but I don’t see any mention of it when searching.

Grim yes it was a giveaway with every new account. My son made the account but for some reason my elicenser bound to the PC didn’t get removed so when he installed the elicenser on the PC it caused a conflict that did not get resolved in time. There is currently a 9E trial but that won’t work with the new elicenser either.

That’s a pain…I think you may have to wait official support in this case.

Good luck!

I see in another thread someone thought there was a free LE with every new account but they had misunderstood that this page was specifically for purchasers of hardware. I suspect you may have done the same. As far as I’m aware there is still no free version of LE.