Two feature requests concerning the staff labels


I have two requests concerning the staff labels.

The first is to have the option of establishing the outer margin with respect to the names of the instruments belonging to the group, rather than the totality of names. In particular, with long names (as on the first page with full names), the group name is particularly distant.

The second is the request to implement labels to the entries as described on p. 470 of Behind Bars (Characters Label).
The names of the character appear in the top left-hand corner of the stave with each new occurrence.
This is an effective solution as it allows singers to easily identify where their part begins.
In Ricordi’s opera editions, by the way, this request is unconditional and the only solution is absolutely involuted (making a copy of the unnamed staff and alternating it with the left named one depending on the situation via the staff visibility property).

Thanks for your consideration,


You can do this now. Just go to Engraving Options / Staff Labels / Player Group Labels / Horizontal Position and set the gap to a negative value.

There isn’t independent control over this, so if you’re showing multiple group labels, there’s not much flexibility, but if you’re only showing one, then it’s easy to move it closer.

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Hi FredGUnn,

Thank you for taking your time about the matter.
Unfortunately, this is not an optimal solution, as the property fixes the position regardless of the staff names involved (and once and for all.).
As you can see, in the first system (with full names) everything works,
Screenshot 2024-06-05 alle 18.15.38

but in the later systems, which use abbreviated staff labels, it doesn’t:
Screenshot 2024-06-05 alle 18.15.48

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Ah, good point. It seems like there really should be Full and Abbreviated settings for these. Or the ability to click and edit them individually.

Frankly, I would like a solution that is individual to each group. Just having two groups called ‘Choir’ and ‘Offstage Choir’ would alone create discrepancies in alignment.

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