Two figured bass feature requests

Dear Daniel,

1.) Though I know that Dorico’s figured bass is not designed for harmonic analysis, there are many situations in baroque/classical music when one needs to write figures over rests in performance scores. In some cases these are only resolutions of an earlier dissonance (and that is easy to achieve in Dorico), but there are some other cases when the composer wants the performer to play a chord while the bass has a rest. I’ve attached an example from Bach. It would be really nice to have the option to show even the so-called “orphaned” figures in Dorico.

2.) In the example, there is a “385” chord at the end of the system, which Dorico would correct to “853”, even if the “follow input literally” option is switched on. Bach however did know what he was doing and with this unusual arrangement, he would have liked to indicate the position of the chord to be played by the harpsichord player (e.g. the 3rd in the soprano), so it would be amazing to have the option to disable Dorico’s cleverness in such cases, when creating urtext editions.

As John Barron said in the recent Discover Dorico preview of the next (free) update, there is a new feature use figures up to 19, and a property to “show compound intervals as simple”.

Putting those together, when the update is released you can enter the figures as “1085” and display them as “385.”

Thanks, this sounds great!

It would be great to have a solution to the other problem as well (an option to show the “orphaned” figures over rests).

You can show figures on rests. There is an option in the Properties panel to show figures on the rest (i.e. when the rest is selected, not the figure.)

I see! So the trick is to select the rest and not the figure. Thank you so much!