Two flows on one page

You’ve deleted the music frame from the First Master Page in the “Default Part” master page set - there is no music frame present on that page at all. That means that, if your part layouts are set to use the “Default Part” master page set, Dorico cannot use the “First” master page, regardless of what’s set in Layout Options.

The fix is to double-click on the First master page in Engrave mode, add a music frame, double-check that it’s using the MA Frame Chain (from the dropdown in the top left corner of the frame) - make sure you’ve done this on both the right page and the left page - hit Apply, then Close.

I believe Dan meant a “Master page change” set (applied to those pages). I’ll let him correct me if I am wrong.

Correct, I should have left out “set.” Just a “master page change.”

Thanks to you all. Leo, you’ve solved my problem. Thanks. After reading your comments, I could see immediately that the Parts Master Page music frame was missing. I should have noticed that. Everything is now displaying fine.

Btw, there is no Flow heading on the Default Part First Page. So how come the Flow Title shows up in the actual part itself? And is there a way to change the spacing between Project and Flow title except by dragging them up and down.

Dan, I realize now that you were using “set” as a verb.


Flow titles are inserted dynamically as needed, so they don’t appear in the master page pair when you edit it in the master page editor.

Thanks, Daniel. Btw, is there any way that Dorico files are going to get smaller. My score here (six minutes of music) is 4.5 MB. When I set playback to silence, yes, it’s smaller (985 KB), but it’s still six times bigger than the original .sib score which I converted it from. My machine is pretty good, i7 processor, SSD drive, and 16 GB of RAM, but sometimes it still takes a long time for basic processes like saving, or moving from part to full score display, or inserting a playback sign. Any improvements for this on the horizon?
Hopefully, David

The size of the file is dominated by the size of the VST instrument and other plug-in data saved inside it, so no, it’s not possible to make that data smaller.

And is there no way, if we want to work without VST on certain projects, that we can just strip it down to the graphics? Or is that what the silence setting is already doing?

That’s what setting the ‘Silence’ playback template already does, hence the reduction in the size of the project file on disk.