Two flows on page: two flowtitles?

I am making a hymn booklet with 150 psalms en 150 flows.
At the top of every page I have the flowtitle.
And the flows are not beginning on a new page but continue where the previous flow ends.
Is it possible to have 2 flowtitles on top of the page where there are 2 flows active?

There’s no automatic way to add two flow titles at the top of the page above both flows, no. Do you really want to show the title for the second psalm on the page above the first psalm on the page? That sounds a bit odd.

You can have two Flow Headings on the same page, with each at the top of its Flow. If you want both headings to be at the top of the page, then you’ll need to manually override the page layout for that page. (Or create a new Master for such pages, if this happens a lot.)

It sounds as if you want to have the flow title in the normal page header in case a psalm continues on the next page, right? I believe this can be done by simply using the flowntoken in the header on the master page.

Well indeed, the Psalms flow after one another and so sometimes I have two Psalms on one page. Than I want for instance “Psalm 3 - Psalm 4” as page heading.
How do I do that?

You want this in the running header at the top of the page? Or as a larger, bold title? Either way, you’ll need to do some manner of manual overriding to make this happen. Assuming Psalm 3 is the third flow and Psalm 4 is the fourth, you could type {@flow3title@} – {@flow4title@} into the text frame.

Yes, I can do that, but there is no way Dorico sees which flows are on the page and accordingly places the two flowtitles on that page as a running header at the top of the page?

No, Dorico will only automatically show the first flow on the page, in the same way that most books show only the name of the chapter/section that corresponds to the material at the top of the page.

Well, I can see this kind of thing in many hymnbooks.
For now, I have to do that manually.
Kind regards,

That hymn book shows something different again, of course: it shows “Psalm 79, 80” which is not the same as “Psalm 79 – Psalm 80” and even more difficult for the program to do automatically…

I realize that, it is just an example…
But maybe in the far future, Dorico will be able to do this?
In the meantime I Will do it like this: I will place every psalm on a new page.
Thank you fo your time And answers!

I will almost never rule anything out for the future! (Only actively bad ideas, and this is certainly not a bad idea, just a tricky one to implement.)