Two flows on the same sheet for one player?

I cannot get two parallel parts on separate flows to come under each other on two staffs for one player. They insist on coming after one another. Can I have a hint about it please?

Also I’d like the Eb and Bb parts for one player in parallel? This pic
Skärmavbild 2016-10-24 kl. 8.18.04 em.png
is on the full score but I also want it for one player as in the pic

Glad for any assistance.


Setup>layout options. Flows: Always Start New Page, or Allow on Existing Page. Does this answer your question?


Not quite sure if I understand want you to achieve, but try to create a new layout in Setup mode containing the two players. They should be on the same flow, though. If not, you’ll have to it manually in Engrave mode.

Not quite, I’m afraid.

  1. I want two flows on the same sheet grouped together for a player
  2. I want one players two tunings to be displayed together so he can chose which instrument to play without changing sheet or have them after each other.

I think you’ve perhaps slightly misunderstood the point of flows.

The easiest way to achieve what you want is to set up a player that only plays one tuning (for example Clarinet in Bb), set up another player than plays the other tuning (for example Clarinet in A). From the score, copy and paste all the music from one stave to the other, and then set up a new Part Layout that contains both Players. If you’d like, you can have a score that only contains one of the tunings.

I can explain how to do this with multiple flows, but it’s much much more of a pain so I’ll hold off until you request it…

I’d like to know your way of doing it with multiple flows, every info in this matter is well received. I’d appreciate your pain…

It’s simple, but fiddly!
Assuming it’s just the one instrument, from Engrave mode create a new master page layout, with a wide but (vertically short) Music Frame at the top of the page - just deep enough for one stave and the surrounding dynamics and ledger lines.
Then create another frame underneath. Keep going with this process until you’ve got probably 8 Music Frames on the page.
Each of these frames has a FLOWS filter at the top. Set the first frame to show Flow 1, and the second frame to show Flow 2, the third frame to show Flow 1, and the fourth to show Flow 2, etc. You’ll then need to fiddle with the Frame Chain sequence and/or Frame Order settings to get the music to display in the right order.

One instance where this could be useful, incidentally, is to fake polymetric music that’s just too complex for Dorico’s “currently experimental” polymetric capabilities.

Edited to add: you’ll also need to ensure that flows are allowed to start on the same page, as someone suggested further up the thread.

Great piece of info, pianoleo. Thank u so much! Best, Juan

If I understand; Two identical passages, on the same sheet, one in a chosen key, the second transposed for a specific instrument? Is the question about transposing by stave, or literally about tuning by stave, A440 Hz on one, A432 Hz on another?


Yes I’ve probably misunderstood quite a lot <:-)

Thanks a lot pianoleo, that’s very clear. So for the first question I’ll try your simple/fiddly idéa.
What I want is a saxophone player choosing between soprano and alto and also choosing from two separate melodies that will be played simultaneously. It’s just 16 bars so it would be good to have it on four staves on one piece of paper.

I’m very busy for the rest of the week so it might be next week when I get back here. So I’ll gratefully return here as soon as I can when I’ve tried it. Thanks a lot.

PS This is what I’m busy with: DS

Well by the sounds of things you can get away with actually having all the stuff on the one flow, regardless of whether your two melodies are in the same key or time signature, unless you’ve got sophisticated polymetric stuff going on. See below.

If you use the time signature and key signature dialogs (Write mode => icons on right panel) and hold the Alt key you can apply them to single staves rather than every stave in a score.

Thanks a lot pianoleo, that’s just what I was after!
I thought flows could be combined in any manner, but obviously I need to have all the music I want on one sheet in one flow before doing the layout.
And applying keys/time sigs to single staves is great.
Again, thanks.