Two flows, same players, reversed score order: possible?

I’m pretty sure this must be possible, but I can’t seem to find the right combination of settings in Setup mode to accomplish it. Attached in a Stretto table for the fugue subject in the top voice and the various stretti possibilities in the lower voice. I’d like to create the ‘inverse’ table with the subject in the lower voice and all of the stretti possibilities in the upper voices. However, when I change the order of the instruments in the Setup Player list, I end up having that new order be reflected in BOTH of the flows (new flow for each of the two stetto tables). What am I missing that would enable me to quickly configure and ‘reverse’ layout of the same players in two separate flows?

You can’t change the order of players between flows, I’m afraid.

You could add an extra player that is used in one flow but not the other so that you can make the appearance of the players being in the reverse order.

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Thanks Daniel. I thought of that option but was hoping there might be an easier way to do it. The other way will certainly work.