Other software installs with two clicks. But, not Cubase. I’ve wasted my time sifting through endless help files that got me absolutely nothing in return, despite paying $350 for this. It doesn’t work. What utter nonsense.

The Cubase software install process is only a few clicks.

If you give some details maybe someone can help.

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Maybe this…

I don’t have a Mac but, the download page does not list MacOS 10.13.6 as supported. Neither does this link.

“Older products which are not listed are not officially supported and consequently, no further updates are planned.”

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That’s gut busting funny! I’ll make a video showing the horrid mess Cubase AI is. It has severe crashing during installation. LOL.

Cubase AI absolutely runs on my MacBook Pro. There is no doubt there. But, there’s something totally unstable with the Cubase AI installer and e-Licenser won’t provide a license - despite PAYING $350 for this!

Not sure what you think is funny…
I don’t doubt you are having trouble installing your software on your computer and I hope someone on the user forum can help you.
Something is not right for sure as I have installed different full and upgrade versions of Cubase many times on (4) different computers (all Windows OS though). All installed as expected with only a few clicks. I wanted to point out that your OS may not be supported and that might be part of the issue. Who knows… could be that the install file you downloaded somehow got corrupted.

Bottom line is that Cubase is installed on many computers ( Mac & Win) with no issues. I didn’t see you mention that you re-downloaded the install file. That might be worth a try.

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You are trying to install Cubase AI 8, why do you say you paid $350 for it?

Cubase AI is an OEM version of Cubase.

Cubase AI has never cost 350; it comes for free with the purchase of select audio interfaces;
someone must have ripped you off or your memory is incorrect.

if you are going to ask for help on a forum at least post the important details otherwise your wasting your own time + everyones time;

what version of what os?
what version + version # of cubase?