Two issues I noticed with 8.5


There are two issues I noticed while playing around with Wavelab 8.5.

Messing with the plugins, in particular the post-processing and dithering seems to change the pitch and speed that the audio is played at sometimes. This was also causing a mono file to appear as stereo with 2 channels instead of 1 on the master level. I haven’t been able to figure out how to reproduce the issue predictably, it just happens once in a while. To fix this, I have to remove a plug-in from one of the slots and add it back in. The problem seems to happen mostly after I disable a plugin.

The second thing I noticed are files playing past the gray dashed lines that mark the end of the track, this happens often. For example, if I have a song that is 4 minutes long, Wavelab plays past that to something like 4 minutes 15 seconds before it stops. Is this some feature that I overlooked?


Are you in the montage or edit mode when Wavelab plays past the end of the track?

For me, the cursor stops when the end of the last audio file stops in montage, and at the end of the file in edit mode. Are you hearing audio or just silence as the cursor keeps going?

I have seen a bug in 8.0.3 where the cursor takes off (faster than normal playback and no audio, just cursor moving) and it keeps moving to the right even when transport is stopped but a simple relaunch of Wavelab fixes it, and it only happens every few weeks at most.

It does it on the normal editor on Wavelab. I haven’t used montage, so I don’t know if it is affected.

Restarting Wavelabs fixes it for a while, but it eventually does it again. I never noticed this problem in 8.0.3.