Two issues with MIDI editor

I’m still new to Cubase so bare with me. I’m demoing Cubase 13 and I’ve run into two issues

As marked on the attached screenshot:

  1. I’ve retrospectively recorded some MIDI but now I’m only interested in the selected part (the one within the left and the right locator). How do I crop/trim the MIDI clip only to the selected content and get rid of the reminding MIDI to the right and to the left?

  2. Now, sometimes a small portion of the MIDI event/note gets out of bounds of the current MIDI part, like the one in the screenshot. For example, in REAPER, this wouldn’t be much of a problem, the note would play normally, it’d just be shorter. Is there a way to have this note play despite getting grayed out when it’s barely outside of the current MIDI part range?


  1. You can grab those handles that say “LABS 01”, and slide them to the left so that they encompass just the part in the red circle. The rest of the MIDI events (notes) to the right, will stay visible alright, but they will change to white, because they are outside the part’s boundary. This is Cubase’s non-destructive editing in action.

If you do NOT wish to see the rest of the notes, you can first resize the part itself (the rectangle) in the project window so that it spans the length of part “1. in red circle”, and then use the scissors tool to cut the part where you want it to end (around measure 21?) and then just select and delete all that’s after the split.

  1. You can either select and quantize the note so that it starts exactly on the part border, or you can slide the part border back a little.

What @ggmanestraki wrote is one method.
Another one is to set up Cubase so that it will automatically play back such notes as well.
Go to menu Edit → Preferences, there select MIDI on the left pane and then adjust the marked parameter:


I didn’t have the slightest clue that this was actually a thing.

Thanks Johnny!

Thanks a lot for your replies guys, that’s what I was looking for precisely! Regarding 1. is there any way to “crop to selected MIDI events” from within the MIDI editor? From what I understand, you have to cut the clip from within the arrangement view, but is it possible to somehow trim from within the MIDI event editor itself?

One more thing – regarding working with audio, I know there’s a way to “slide” the waveform around within the audio event, but in order to do that you have to convert the event to a “part”, but is there a way to just slide the audio around in a regular, normal audio event?

Aaaahh, how we wish we would have a nice easy function for exactly that. And from the project view.
I recently tried to build such a functionality myself but ended up with an unsatisfying result.

Yes, BUT…
The standard modifiers to use this function are Ctrl+Alt (PC) / Cmd+Opt (Mac).
However, in order to be able to slide audio around inside the event there must be actually samples from the audio file on both ends that are not shown by the event. Think of the audio event as a window that shows a certain section of the entire file (or actually clip). If the event already shows everything there is nothing to slide to.

ugh, what a bummer… As far as I’m aware Ableton has this function and it’s an extremely convenient feature!

I see. So that kinda makes rendered audio that has some sort of time FX applied pretty useless, as you can’t realign the waveform with the grid (unless you AudioWarp, but that degrades quality, even if very subtly), UNLESS you extend the locator range to have some extra empty space to the sides and render out with some silence to the sides (which again is kinda pointless - what if there are some other events to the sides? and is it even possible to render out anything but selected event? Like, rendering the range inbetween the locators?)

You’d just move the event itself. Each event has a snap point. It can be set to any sample and will, if grid is activated, be the point that snaps to the grid.
Or, after moving the event, right-click → Event to Part. Easy.