Two keyboard problems with Cubase 8.5

I recently upgraded from Cubase Studio 4 and came across two new problems with 8.5 both concerning the keystrokes (Mac):

  • When opening a project, the transport window is the key window instead of the arrangement window. Thus, when hitting Cmd+W, the transport window closes instead of the project. (This often happens with my setup. I have a few “play along” projects, which contain a few tracks and an empty track with some plugins for my bass playing. I usually just open the files, press L or R to set the locator, press space, practise, then hit Cmd+W to close the project. This no longer works; I am now forced to click with the mouse into the project window at least once to make it the key window.)

  • When using the arrow keys to select parts/tracks, I can no longer reach the empty track. Well, actually I can; I have to hit Cmd+Shift+A first to make deselct all parts, then I can use the arrow down key to select the empty track.

I hope some developer is going to read this…