Two last bars on new page/Custom text indications possible?

I am very sorry if this topic has been asked/answered before, I couldn’t find it yet.
I my piece I have the two last bars on a new page but I want them to be on the first page.
I couldn’t find a way to adjust this.

And I want to write a indication like “con amore” or “con fuoco” in the same text style as the tempo indications…
Any thoughts?

Thanks so much!
Slowly I am loving Dorico, how much will I love it when it is updated!!!

To write your custom tempo, write a metronome mark afterwards, e.g. “con amore q=84” and “con fuoco q=144”; you can then hide the metronome mark using the Properties panel.

To force your two final bars onto the previous page, firstly try adjusting the settings on the Page Setup, Vertical Spacing, and Note Spacing pages of Layout Options, e.g. making the staff size slightly smaller, or reducing the gap between systems a small amount, or reducing the default amount of space allocated for a crotchet/quarter note. If you can’t get the results you want using those tools, then go to Engrave mode, and use e.g. Make Into System: select the first note or rest that you want to be at the start of the final system, then Ctrl+click the last note that you want to be at the end of the system, and click the Make Into System button in the left-hand panel.

Thanks Daniel!