Two layers of Bar Numbers

Hello everybody,
for a current film scoring project, I need two layers of bar numbers. Above the score sheet it should have the bars counting from 1 onwards (for the musicians in the parts and communication during the session) and below the score sheet it should have different bar numbers (that correlate with the DAW session that the composer created for this project so the recording can be fit into this later again). I have the feeling that this is not possible in Dorico (it can be done in Finale/Sibelius with some fakery) but thought it might be good to ask here whether there might be a way that I’m not thinking about.
Thanks and all the best,

It is not possible, no. You’d have to do it with shift-x text.

You might be able to fake it with a rehearsal mark on every bar (with the global sequence type set to numbers rather than bar numbers).

You could possibly also fudge it with a bar repeat region on the bottom staff, with the repeat slash glyph deleted (from the Music Symbols Editor), with the distance above the staff (Engraving Options > Bar Repeats > Vertical Position) set to something like -9, and set to show every bar (same bit of Engraving Options). This’ll be trickier if there are meter changes, as you’ll need separate repeat regions for each meter change - you’ll need to use the “start from” property and you may need to fake the first bar of each meter with Shift-X text.

Thank you @Romanos and @pianoleo I was expecting this to be not possible and the workarounds seem excessively laborous for a scoring session situation so I will need to come up with another solution.


Do the players really need bars coutning from one? Why not just use a bar number change at the start of each cue?

They do. It is absolutely unpractical to communicate something like “Flutes bar 3247 forte please” during the recording session.