two licences: Pro and Elements

… just bought Dorico 2 Elements :slight_smile:
Works fast and fine.

I thought I had read that Steinberg will allow to use Dorico on 2 computers with next version. Which should be version 2 now.

ReiRe, I have read that too… But using Dorico 2 Elements in the mean time will take some urgency off that issue - at least for me :slight_smile:

No, we had not made that commitment for this version. We are working on a replacement for the current eLIcenser that will provide greater flexibility in the future, but Dorico 2 uses the same licensing scheme as Dorico 1.

Daniel, if I read this right, there has been positive feedback from “the suits” (management) that the licensing flexibility issue has been given a “go ahead” to find an answer that would satisfy both users and the folks in Hamburg? If so, very encouraging!

Work has begun on a replacement for the current eLicenser technology, but I cannot say when the new licensing technology will be available.

Out of curiosity, are you at liberty to give any of the specifics of this new system? For instance, I know that many of the users (myself included) would be ecstatic if “greater flexibility” meant an active license on two machines, but I don’t think anyone on the team has actually stated that that was the eventual plan. I do remember seeing talk of being able to move one’s license back to the soft e-licenser after having it stored on a usb licenser. While the latter would be great, and would definitely qualify as greater flexibility, I know a good many of us are hoping for the former.

It would be imprudent of me to make any promises on behalf of the team working on this, but I don’t think it’s revealing too much to say that the new system will be account-based and rely on periodic connection to a license server out on the Internet to validate that your specific user ID is allowed to run the software, with tokens provided on a more temporary basis to your computer to allow it to run. Although it’s not a given that this means that you will definitely be able to run a single license on two computers at once, the planned approach certainly makes this possible. In other words, it will be a matter of policy rather than technical limitation as it is today, which I think is a step in the right direction.

That is definitely a step in the right direction :slight_smile:

Daniel, Great news. Thanks for being as transparent (as usual) as is prudent…you have always been extremely forth coming and helpful in your support of both the program and users!

Greetings, this is an older thread, with the last post from June 8th- but has anything moved forward with the newer licensing format?
I love the way it works with “Reason” where it phones home to ID my machine, and it also gives me a usb stick to use on other machines if need be, very convenient, and efficient. Great work on the 2.2 update!!! Bravo.

Not yet.

Thanks for the quick reply!

Trust me, when a 2-computer license is possible and working, the forum will be positively sparkling with kudos and thanks for the option! :wink:

Optimist: “when a 2-computer license is possible and working, the forum will be positively sparkling with kudos and thanks for the option”

Realist: “when a 2-computer license is possible and working, the forum will be full of complaints from people who were using the old system just fine, but the new system has locked them out of all their Steinberg products for some reason”

Note the Dilbert cartoonist’s definition: An optimist is a pessimist with no real-world work experience :wink:

The pessimists would take umbrage with the moniker you’ve assigned them, preferring the term “realists.”

But the great advantage of being a pessimist is that you only ever get good surprises, when things don’t go as badly wrong as you expected :wink:

LOL :laughing:

yes, this will be lovely.

(side note. it’s so ridiculous that i own double copies of the same Waves plugins to use on two different computers. even notifies me i already own the plugin when buying it. they’ve made some pretty good stuff but it’s simply not possible how they have their setup anymore)

I’m another one who would love a way to use two computers without having to wear their USB ports each time (…and dealing with the MacBook’s plethora of adapters).

While I still wonder why the unique ID code included in each computer can’t be used as a protection key, I really hope there would be a way to have a second license at the price of an extension, and not a totally new purchase.

Or, allowing the soft eLicenser to work on two computers.