Two licenses in one PC at once

Ok here is what i encountered,

My license has cubase12
Friend’s license has VST and Spectralayers (VST on new license system)

Before the new license system, i could plug the two dongles on one pc.
As I have tried so far, when you activate one license, you deactivate the other license.

Is any way to use BOTH licenses at same time on same pc?

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Unfortunately using both licenses in a single user account of your computer is not possible, because they are tied to the mySteinberg account. The Activation Manager is logged in to one of your accounts and whatever is licensed in this account will be activated.

exactly thats the problem.

it was previously possible to do it with the dongles.

I hope there are more in my position so we ask from Steinberg to do something

That’s my problem too. I work with a Nuendo license from my company and would like to keep using it together with my private Wavelab Elements license.
When Steinberg announced the new licensing system, they said (as far as I remember) that we would be able to keep using the eLicensers. With the new Wavelab update they seem to have dropped eLicenser support completely. Now I’m hesitating to install the update.
Bit of a bummer! :confused:

After the announcement of e-license discontinue, I think that is something that Steinberg has to solve. We cant collaborate with other Steinberg users.