Two little glitches to fix?

Two little glitches noticed today:
— in Setup, left hand player list. I have dragged players into a custom order. But then I add a new player using the + button on bottom left, and it reverts all players back to the default ordering. I have to re-order them again.
– in Setup, left hand player list. When I click “change instrument” via the three dots menu button an instrument within a player, the Unpitched Percussion list is missing. However, I can add an Unpitched Percussion Instrument via “Add instrument to player”.

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  1. If you’re setting a custom player order, I’d recommend changing the Sort Players setting to None to prevent automatic re-ordering when you add new players.

  2. See the note on this page – you can’t change pitched instruments into unpitched instruments, and vice versa.

Ah, thanks!