Two M.2 drives Best practice

Hi Guys, I know there are many posts on setting up Cubase over multiple hard drives and a lot of different opinions. I have just moved to Pro 11 from Pro 9.5 but I guess not much has changed in the way we install. I have always had Cubase on the C drive (which in past has always been the faster of my drives) and then had libraries installed on a separate drive. My projects have always been on the second drive in a different partition. Finally back ups on a slower 7,200 drive.
Currently I have everything on one M.2 7kMbs drive but have now gotten around to stick a second in which will run at same speed. So I plan to keep same setup as I have always done but without the mechanical drive and having another partition. Before I go ahead and move stuff around is this the optimal way? I mainly use VST instruments with a handful of audio tracks for guitar and vocals.
So it would be Drive C: Cubase and other programs, Drive D: (partition of C) Cubase projects and storage (documents, pictures, temp downloads, etc). Drive E: Sound libraries. F: (partition of E) backup. Many thanks

yes, I agree. Whichever Cubase version you are on I think it always makes sense to have a separate drive for projects and your samples.
The world has plenty of examples of computers that run windows and all of a sudden you can’t access your computer after an update, there are viruses, etc.
For that reason, I try to have as little as possible on my windows disc that I can’t download and reinstall again on my C partition. That way if my windows install gets into problems I can without hesitating make a quick backup to an earlier version or reinstall the whole operating system without fear of forgetting to copy my data.
Actually, everything I create and save on my C drive is backed up toOnedrive. This practice has served me very well during the years. I use Backblaze for cloud backup of all my other drives, it came in very handy when my 5 TB drive died last year.

I have drive c programs. M.2 drive for all vst instrument content and I still use a spinning disk drive for audio although I may swap that out soon. The big performance for me is the M.2 for superior drummer 3 (SD3) it now loads a 4gig kit in a couple of seconds