Two major problems with the Cubase interface

I am a new user and not a native English speaker. I’m sorry.

As a user of Ableton and StudioOne, I immediately see two major problems with the Cubase interface.

1 ) You need to hold the Shift in order to properly zoom the project with the mouse. Otherwise, playback is restarted at the zoom point.
We need a function that will switch this mode (no shift - only zoom, with shift - the playback point changes)
2 ) I cannot move the project to the left / right at the point of zooming with the mouse. Other DAWs can.

Bonus: make automatic track numbering so that the track list contains not only the name, but also its serial number, which will change automatically. (It help in SideChain list for example)
Ableton can do this if you add the # symbol to the track name

Hi and welcome,

Myself, I prefer to use Key Commands, so I’m using G and H to Zoom In/Out. If I’m using a mouse for zooming, then I’m using the Ctrl/Cmd + scroll-wheel. As far as I understand, you click the ruler and move your mouse up/down, right? Yes, once you click the ruler this way, the Cursor position changes.

Do you to change the Cursor position while zooming? You can stop the zooming (still with the mouse down) and change the Cursor position, then continue to zoom. It designed like this by purpose.

In the Project Logical Editor, you can Generate Name. If you set the Parameter 2 to value 1, it will increment the numbering. But, unfortunately you cannot use this feature which the Name | Append. So you can Generate a list of:

  • Guitar 1
  • Guitar 2
  • Guitar 3

But you cannot append the number to the existing name.

Thanks for the answer.
I assigned the Z and X keys that I was comfortable with for zooming.
The problem is that the zoom speed in this mode is very slow and inaccurate.
Mouse zoom is much faster and takes place immediately in the selected location of the project.
To do this, you do not need to first select the zoom point, and then wait a long time until the project discretely increases while holding the hotkey.
Alt key and scrolling with the mouse also requires specifying the zoom point and also occurs at a fixed speed.

Moving a project using the Ruler Bar is very convenient and works by default in Ableton, Bitwig and Studio One.
The fact that there is no such control in Cubase is just a flaw. I am sure it will appear.

As far as track numbering is concerned, the point is that it comes automatically.
For example:
There is an “Old Kick” track. It is prefixed with #1
There is a “New Kick” track.
It is prefixed with #2.
And if the user moves the “new kick” track up, the prefixes in the title are automatically changed to “1 new kick” (“2 old kick”).
Ableton can do it, why not do it in Cubase, where it is much more common to work with a lot of tracks?

Best wishes to the development team, objectively for the Windows platform Сubase is the best DAW.
Very stable and trouble-free, the interface is super responsive and lag free

Regarding Zooming there are a couple of other things you might want to take a look at.

Project Overview lets you change the Zoom level by indicating where left & right edges are. I never used this for decades, then a couple of years ago gave it a try and am hooked.

Zoom Mem saves your current Zoom level & position. Zoom Zap reverts to whatever you saved with Mem.

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Do you mean the Overview? Nice one.

Wasn’t at DAW on previous post. Here’s a pic


Thank you. Yes, this is the Overview. :wink: