Two MIDI controllers: how to keep both active

I have two small DAW’s at a different location. Each DAW has one MIDI controller (MidiSport 8x8/S). I use one laptop for my work, moving it between the two DAW’s. Whenever I hook up the laptop at one location, I have to assign each MIDI track it’s own input/output channel. When I save my project on one location and then try to work on it at the second location, Cubase tells me that I have to assign an I/O channel to each track. Is there a way of circumventing this annoying problem?


Could you please provide a screenshot of the message?

You can set the Inputs to All MIDI Inputs. Then you can touch any connected MIDI Device and the track would receive the data.

Outputs are probably not routed to a MIDI Controller, because a MIDI Controller doesn’t generate a sound. Could you be more specific, please?

Hi Martin,
Thank you for your reply - I’m sorry I didn’t reply faster, we had a major power failure in the city (freezing rain storm, put 1.5 million people off the grid, collapsed trees, branches, electrical cables, etc). All is fine now.
So, please find attached a screenshot of the problem. Unfortunately, I had fixed the problem before I wrote my post, but I’m afraid it will occur again when I take my laptop to the other studio and hook it up to the other MidiSport 8x8/S. I’ve indicated with a red arrow the window where the error messages appear (Output Routing). I need to reassign each of the 8 outputs every time I change MIDI consoles (both consoles are identical MidiSport 8x8/S).


To me it looks like Cubase doesn’t see both devices as the same one. So if you open the project, Cubase cannot find the MIDI Ports. Cubase overtakes the drivers from the system. So if it looks like other device for Windows, Cubase just overtakes it.

My guess is, MOTU is doing this by purpose. Thanks to this, you are able to cascade the devices. So every unit can be handled uniquely from the system point of view. Just guessing…

Thank you for your reply. I have not changed studios (MidiSports) yet, so next time I’m at the other studio I’ll see if this annoyance repeats itself. It’s no big deal, just a bit of a waste of time. However, I didn’t have this problem with Cubase 5 and 11. Perhaps since the MIDI boxes are getting old, new software just doesn’t bother to deal with this and just sees it as two different modules, as you stated.


I see. If you didn’t have this problem with older Cubase versions, you shouldn’t have a problem with Cubase 12 neither.

This is a Windows issue. As Martin mentions, this is by design so you can have multiple units hooked up at same time. The problem with Windows is how it keeps track of MIDI devices in the registry. When you plug your MidiSport into windows the first time, that device AND USB port get associated. This gets numbered as 1. Unplug it and plug the same box into another USB port, and it will often get numbered as 2, especially if plugged into USB 2.0 port vs 3.0, etc.

To correct this you have to plug the MidiSport back into the first USB port used on that installation of Windows, or remove all information related to the MidiSport from the registry and then plug it into the port you are actually going to use. This is easier said than done as the info shows up in multiple places in the registry.

A number of utilities have been released to try to help clean up problems like this. The original Korg Minilogue particularly suffers from this problem for some reason so Korg released a tool that can properly remove entries. There are other tools out there, or you can just use RegEdt32 and do a lot of google lookups.

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OK, thank you! Perhaps I’ll just keep resetting the MIDI ports manually, as before… I"m not much of a computer guy :slight_smile:

I finally was able to use my laptop with the second DAW, which has an identical MIDISPORT 8x8. Indeed, Cubase 12 Pro recognizes this MIDISPORT as different than the one in the other DAW (it labels the MIDISPORTs as #1 and #2; in the above screenshot, it’s the “2” in front of the MIDISPORT output). So I need to reset the MIDI outputs every time I change DAW’s. Does anyone know of a way of automating this?