Two midi controllers on one track


I am currently using a 30 day trial of Cubase to see if I want to switch, but am really struggling to work with some aspects of Cubase switching from Logic Pro X.

First issue I am having is that I am trying to play in a part on my Novation midi controller while simultaneously entering in midi CC with the Leap Motion and Geco Midi (this allows the leap to function as a standard USB midi controller). Specifically, I am trying to send CC1 and CC11 with hollywood strings VST.

With logic, I am able to do this flawlessley - it just works. With cubase, it seems that it just ignores the CC messages from the leap controller. If I use the modwheel on the Novation the CC messages work properly, so it seems to be an issue with Cubase not allowing CC messages from a 2nd controller to work in conjunction with the midi notes from the 1st controller.

Is there some setting I need to enable to get this working?

Also, I have a very stupid question. I feel absolutely dumb for even asking this, but how can I separate the metronome from “set tempo?” I want to simply have the metronome clicking at whatever tempo I want, not actually have my entire track speed up or slow down based on the tempo I set.

Much appreciated, and sorry for asking such stupid questions.

Between waiting three days for my post to be approved by mods and the lack of response on the forum, I have managed to fix my problem by installing OSX on my new PC Hackintosh style and reinstalling Logic. Back to making music instead of dealing with an archaic GUI and lack of support.

I’ve used multiple controllers with Cubase since I can remember and often play from two keyboards simultaneously into one track. There are different ways you can do this. A single track set to “all midi inputs” will record all midi data it receives from different controllers. Of course you need to make sure that the devices are selected in device setup.

You can also simultaneously record separate midi tracks that feed the same destination, each with it’s specific midi input.

You can set the musical time base of your tracks to “linear mode” and they will be unaffected by the project tempo.