Two Monitors and Workspaces

I have Cubase 8 running on a MacPro with a Cinema Display and a LG monitor. I have created a workspace with the mixer on the LG monitor and the arrangement on the Cinema Display. I save the workspace - have tried both global and project - but the next time I open the project, the mixer is hidden behind the arrangement, and I have to drag it out and to the left monitor - EVERY time.
Can anyone help me with a solution?


If you open the project and call the workspace again, is it always hidden behind the Project window?

What happens, if you call this Workspace, drag the MixConsole to the correct screen, and call the Workspace again? Is it hidden again? Or is it on the correct screen, now?

Which one is your Main system screen? Left or right? And is your project window on the main monitor, or on the secondary one?

I also have the same standard setup with two monitors - Mixer on left and project window on the right. I have not had this problem, however I am running a Windows PC. So it seems to be Mac specific.

When I recall my workspaces the mix window is hidden again behind the project window.

It’s hidden behind the project window and the LG Monitor shows my desktop.

The Cinema Display is my main screen and is placed to the right and the LG Monitor is to the left. And the project window is on the main screen.
Thanks for your reply! :slight_smile:


I can reproduce the issue. Reported as a bug.