Good evening at all. Here I am with another question. :wink: So I use Cubase 9 and Wavelab 9 (as well as a series of more or less strange other stuff :smiley: ) and I have TWO MONITORS that are one over the other to double the management space that is never enough. The operating system is Win7 64-bit. Well ALL (just say ALL) the programs I own allow to keep and manage their windows “on horseback” between the two monitors and not necessarily only in one or in the other. Well, will you believe it? ALL THE PROGRAMS BUT NOT CUBASE!!! … grrrr… :imp: :confused: Does any of you know what may depend? In fact, on many occasions it would be very convenient to keep the windows “on horseback”, as I said, of the two monitors but the Cube refuses right !! Any ideas? Help me, please !!
I hope you can understand my crazy Eng … :open_mouth:
Alex :slight_smile:

What does “on horseback” mean?

Good morning djw, and many thx for your replay. I hope you’ll excuse my crazy Eng. :mrgreen:
With the expression “on horseback” I wanted to say halfway between the two monitors. I hope, however, that the attached image is more explanatory of my words.
In the image I used Wavelab but it is valid for ALL of my programs except for Cubase … :smiling_imp: :frowning:

I’m pretty sure that should be possible just by putting a window there. I also had my displays set up like that, I will try it when I use two displays again.

You really so kind, djw. many thx for your future try the displays … I hope you can find a solution …As soon as I try to move the Cubase main window or the Mixer Window they instantly jump on one of the two monitors :imp: and I have no way to stretch them to cover both …
Alex :slight_smile:

Hi you,

this might not solve your problem… i have similar issues.

The problem is even worse, since Workspaces do not work correctly with multiple monitors (they do not remember that e.g. the mixer is located on a secondary screen, etc.).



Argh, ernst :frowning: … so it’s a software issue? You haven’t to tick some boxes or choose some preference, if I understand well … sigh … Only dad Steinberg can solve it? :question:

If I can reproduce the workspace issue for multiple displays then I will report it. I think it worked correctly, but I will check.

Ok, djw, and many thx … I’ll rest in wait for your suggests … :slight_smile:
Have good time

Hi there, thx to everyone … Problem solved … Was my fault. Anyway thx for your precious suggests … See you the next time I’ll be in trouble … :mrgreen:

@ Rospoverde
What was your solution?
I have the same issue here…

Hi Jmichelcout, and sorry for my oceanic delay in the reply … Just now i see your post … Sorry
My problem was that you MUST have the object - sorry!! I don’t know what is the exact name :frowning: - as in the picture attached on the FIRST monitor (that above in my set up) otherwise you can’t enlarge your images on both the monitors …
I hope you’ll excuse my late reply and my Eng.

… hehehehe … my bad head … I forget the attachment … :laughing: