Two monitors

[/u][/b]Hello, my name is Frans and I’m a totally new member here.
I bought Cubase, the UR22mk II with Cubase AI.
As I have two monitors I’d like to work in Cubase and at the same time follow the tutorials on the second monitor.
This is not possible, so far.
As I open the hub in Cubase and click on the tutorials for going to Youtube, I cannot work in the hub, because everything I click on, only gives me a ring.
By closing Youtube I can work again in the hub.
Can this be resolved, or do I have two use two pc’s?
I’ll be glad to have some answer from someone.


Hi and welcome,

What operating system do you use, please?

In general, there is no reason, why Cubase wouldn’t work with your web-browser. Steinberg Hub is using Internet Explorer in the background on Windows, so there might be some interferes, but I wouldn’t expect anything serious here.

If you get a ring, I would expect, there is a hidden window somewhere, which prevents you to click in Steinberg Hub. Show all Cubase window to see, if there is any hidden message, please.

Thanks Martin, for your quick answer.
I use Windows 7, but I think I was wrong here.
At the top of my screen I see File - Edit - Project - Audio etc. (also Hub).
When I open the hub it’s not possible to click on File, or one of the other items; it gives a ring.
So, it has nothing to do with the tutorials.
In the hub however, I can, while watching the tutorials, indeed click on Recording - Scoring - Mastering etc.
So I think that it’s solved.

Thanks again


Yes, the Hub window prevents you to do some other actions. You have to Create or Open a project first.

I get it.
Thank you.