Two (more) requests for jump bar

  1. When you go to a rehearsal mark with the jump bar, the rehearsal mark is selected. This selection is not added to the undo history. The result is that if you press cmd-z after that, the rehearsal mark is not deselected, but the event before that is being undone, and, more importantly, the Dorico viewport jumps to another place in the music: not at the rehearsal mark, nor at the edit before the rehearsal mark selection, but probably exactly in between. This makes the undo functionality hardly usable after using the jump bar command. It could maybe even be regarded as a bug.

  2. I know that I am an extremely fast computer keyboard user, but when I press ‘jf1’, I would like to jump to flow one, using ‘j’ as the jump bar shortcut and ‘f1’ as the direction to go to flow 1. What it actually often does, is this: it first processes ‘f’ (flipping the selected note), then ‘1’, making the selected note a 128th note, and only then opens the jump bar. Could all keyboard events be processed in order, also when one command takes more time to process than others? It would still be nice if all keypress events after that (‘f1’ in this case) would be queued and processed in the context of the resulting UX state after the first shortcut (‘j’). You are probably aware of this already, but especially when composing it is valuable to minimize unexpected interruptions like these. (This behaviour can only be reproduced when you didn’t recently use the jump bar, because repeated usage makes it very fast.)

Thank you again for always considering my (many) feature requests!