Two music frames side by side

Trying to do something I’m not sure if it’s possible. I have, let’s call them exercises, each in a different flow. I want them side by side, so I created a master page with the appropriate format:

So far so good, but for some reason, despite specifying that the second frame is Frame 2, I’m getting the 2nd frame repeating and messing up:

As you can see, not only is the 2nd frame starting from the same place, but it also seems to lose its place halfway down, messing up the order (Tones 3 is moved below Min 3rds 3).

What am I doing wrong, or is this just not possible?


If you made the right hand frame also MA-1, would that give you the results you need?

Can you check the properties of each frame to make sure they are exactly the same width?
By attaching the left frame to the left, top, and bottom margins
and the right frame to the right, top, and bottom margins,
the Width should be displayed and editable in the Properties panel.

I can’t instantly dig up a previous thread that discusses this, but it’s a known flaw that Flow Headings get confused where columns are concerned. They use some sort of fuzzy logic to grab the relevant information from the “nearest” flow, but Dorico’s definition of “nearest” isn’t necessarily the same as yours or mine.

Your best bet is probably to use explicit tokens ({@flow1title@} {@flow2title@} {@flow3title@}) rather than expecting {@flowtitle@} to resolve correctly. This is laborious and creates page overrides, but it’s reliable.


You can’t, when you change the right hand to MA-1 the left one turns to MA-2.

Yep, they have the exact same dimensions.

Oh dear, that’s out of the question. There are 147 flows (might need to add more later) and the file is for a recording session taking place tomorrow. I need an automatic solution or use another program.

@Dup I think this disqualifies the ticking solution…

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Even though you deleted your response, I saw it in my email. Thank you for the explanation, but Marc is right. If I have to manually add 147 flows, I can do this much quicker in any number of other notation programs.

Ironically in the end, the quickest thing was to export every Flow independently and put it together in a word processor. :man_shrugging:

Glad you found a solution. I wish Dorico had been able to flow from one column to another on the same page.

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