Two note tremolo in between two outer voices?

As the title suggests, I want to have a two note tremolo in between two outer voices, played by one hand. The two outer voices move independently of each other. I’ve tried doing this a couple of different ways, either with the two outer voices notated as one “voice” using ties, with the tremolo voice as a separate voice; and by using three voices, one on top, one on bottom, and another voice in the middle for the tremolo part. But both ways of doing this look very messy, the second moreso than the first. Is there a better way to do this that I’m missing?

Untitled Project 1.pdf (29.5 KB)

Hi there

There is no good solution here, I fear.

I would look closely at using a trill instead of a tremolo. (It has its own problems with placement and ambiguity, but is less confusing than the tremolo notation.)

The best solution I can find is to use three tremolo slashes on a dyad to express the tremolo:

Hope that helps


Fortunately, this works as a trill. I would try this, with 3 voices:

Normally in modern notation you would tie the trill with dashed ties, but there is no room, so perhaps the wavy line makes it clear enough.

I note that this also plays back correctly!

Hmm, okay; guess I’ll go with the trill. I considered the trill originally but with the sharp on the upper note I wasn’t sure if it’d be clear. I was also thinking I might end up doing tremolos between notes further apart than a step (in another part of the piece), also between outer voices; but maybe I’ll just avoid doing that.