Two nuggets about Pitch before Duration Input


in input with Pitch-before-Duration there are two things that mildly irritate me:

  1. “Specify Accidental, Rhythm dot… before inputting a note” is activated:
    Is there a chance that Alt + Shift + ArrowLeft/Right gets allowed for this mode? If I accidentally input a quarter note but want an eighth note, one could just use this key combination to shorten the last input note. Ctrl + Z works, but it disrupts the flow more. I know that the last inputted note with this settings does not get technically selected, but I don’t see this shortcut do anything else in that context so why not make an exception?

  2. “Specify Accidental, Rhythm dot… after inputting a note” is activated:
    The auditioning plays the last note every time you change the pitch of the new note. So if your last inputted note was a G and you now press the A key you hear a G. Change to a B and it still plays the G. This throws me completely off so I don’t use this setting often. Now if you press the number for note length, it finally plays back the correct pitch. Why is that??

Thanks for the answers and have a nice advent season