Two Orchestra Works for Easter

A couple of settings for orchestra of Easter Hymns: “Christ Arose!” and “Christ the Lord is Risen Today” So rewarding to compose with Dorico!.

Gary, interesting that you chose the key of C for both hymns. Does this derive from the hymnbook? For some reason I associate Easter with a key of D.

C is the key I found in most of the hymnals I referenced; one was in D-flat, a bad key for strings. the key change in Christ Arose! does go to D- traditionally a ‘happy, bright’ key. As an instrumental work, the hymn key doesnt really matter anyway. The key of C is also kinder to the transposing instruments. D would put horn in 3- sharps, Bb trumpets in 4 sharps and the alto and tenor sax horn and bassoon doubles in 4 and 5 sharps. I did, as I mentioned, have a key change to D in Christ Arose!. That was a choice I made because I felt it musically desirable. These are factors I always consider when writing instrumental works. So, at the end if the day, it was just my choice.:wink:

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I enjoyed listening. Thank you for sharing.


thank you Greg, it sounds grand anyway :slight_smile:

Thank you. Dirico is awesome🙂

Thank you for sharing, I enjoyed both pieces!

Thank you!

Yes, laughreyg, Dorico is AWESOME!