Two page parts and page numbers

I have a default template that shows the page number in the header for page 2 and beyond. This works great for parts with 3 pages or more, or just 1 page. I’d like to hide the page number on page 2 when it is a 2-page part. I do this now by editing the part’s header. I supposed I could create a new template and apply that part by part to 2-page parts, but I’d rather not. Is there, or could there be, a way to apply a formula to drive the behavior of the tokens based on part page count?

Why not? All it takes is duplicating the Default Page Template and removing the page field. Add this “Default No Page” to a custom Page Template Set and export it, ready to add to any file where you need it.

This is time consuming when you have a lot of parts.

All the parts should be using the same Default Page Template, unless some actually need page numbers. One creates it once and applies it to the relevant layouts.

You should investigate what page templates can do before you say it is too much trouble. It is less trouble than removing page numbers manually and a lot less trouble than asking the Development Team to program it for you.

Not if you do it by creating a Page Template Set. These can be changed quickly via Layout Options.

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I am quite experienced creating and applying page templates. I am looking for a better, faster way for the user to get the results I mentioned. There may be other uses for formula-based tokens as well.