Two page view in print mode


I was a bit surprised that there’s no button (AFAIK) for two page view in Print Mode, which I think it would be useful, since I use print mode as a sort of preview before exporting, and I would like to see how the two pages look side by side. Is there anything that I’m missing here?

This post removed for my missing the obvious answer below. :laughing:

Uhm… what about the Job type select field in the right panel where you can choose “spreads”, “2-up” and “booklet”?


That’s a great way to be able to get the view, but you have remember to change it back if you want to print individual pages

There are the Page Width and Whole Page view options in the bottom-right corner, but yes unless the printing job type is set to something that would require two pages to printed on the same piece of paper, as mentioned above with ‘2-up’, this doesn’t necessarily show two pages side-by-side.

Come to think of it, being able to view spreads in print mode (with intent to print “regular”) would be a nice option. Better still, a genuine score only preview mode accessible in write and edit modes too.

Dear Romano,
This nice request has already been made IIRC. It’s a legit one, it would act as a preview mode that can be found on all Lightroom-like programs.

Thank you for the suggestions! I’ll try the spreads option for now.