Two Percussion Instruments using the same playback sound

Hi, I’ve been pouring over the percussion mapping posts, but can’t seem to figure out if this is possible. I am writing a piece where I want the percussionist to play on the rims of the tom-toms. I set up the rim technique in the percussion kit dialog. I can then go and assign the side stick sound to the high tom in the percussion map. All works as expected. My question is: Can I assign the low tom-tom rim to the same side stick sound for playback? Is there a way to do that? I’d like to get side stick sounds for each of the toms playing back. Thanks so much for any help!

I should add that I am using Note Performer

I can’t see any reason why you could not assign all rim shots to trigger the same sample. Your playback will lose some accuracy, but it should be done automatically by assigning the same play-back technique to all three toms played on the rim (using the same playing technique that triggers the Rim playback technique, or setting up the percussion editor to trigger the rim playback technique when you use a specific technique entered in that editor (with a specific notehead). Hope it helps!

Open the percussion map you previously edited, select the row in which you assigned the side stick sound to the high tom-tom rim and click on Add Key Switch Alternative. In the newly created row, change the instrument from high tom-tom to low tom-tom. Now both tom-tom rims should play the side stick sound.


Thanks to you both. I was missing the Add Key Switch Alternative bit (since I wasn’t adding a key switch!). This worked and is exactly what I needed. Much appreciated!

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I agree that Add Key Switch Alternative is an unhelpful name for an option which duplicates the selected drum kit note.