Two pot pan

I hope this isn’t off topic. I’ve noticed when I see people using a popular competing DAW that there are two panning pots on stereo tracks. In Cubase I see one. I suppose 100% L/R would equal center in Cubase, and both pots center would equal mono. Am I correct? And would you consider this a missing feature in Cubase, or just a different approach. I don’t offer an opinion - I’m just curious.


in Cubase you have the Stereo Combined Panner, which offers separate controls for L and R.

You need to right-click on the Panner and select “Stereo Combine Panner” from the pop-up menu in order to access it. The function is not available in the Elements version.

Thanks for clarification, and fair enough.

You are welcome. I prefer to work with mono tracks (old habit), but when in need of a stereo panner without splitting the track, I sometimes reach for freeware like Blue Cat’s Gain Suite, Flux Stereo Tool and Sleepy Time Records Dual Panner (now part of the ‘Legacy Bundle’).