Two potential bugs

Testing the new 2.2 update, I’m sorry I don’t know if this was present before this update.

1.- When inputting quavers into a percussion instrument (snare, bass drum, etc.) milliseconds after inputting it Dorico will reposition all quavers on the upbeat as if it were swing. Playback Options are set to Straight and there are absolutely no tempo markings other than Andante, Lento, Rit, etc. After restarting the PC, reinstalling the update and creating new instruments I was finally able to get rid of this bug by putting a Straight tempo marking and hiding it. The score in question is a classical piece and it has never had a Swing marking ever.

2.- Dynamics have no effect on a percussion kit. Initially I was using a self-created Percussion map for VSL percussion when I noticed the error. I then proceeded to add the Default expression map (besides the correct Percussion Map) thinking it would assign velocity as dynamic, that didn’t work. I then moved to Halion and Kontakt, still nothing. Then I tried creating a single instrument instead of a kit and dynamics work fine. So basically Dorico does not play any of the dynamics when percussion instruments are combined in a kit. This even applies to kits that use the same instrument e.g. concert toms

  1. I’m not sure quite what you’re describing here: are you referring to real-time MIDI recording, or step input, or something else? This problem occurs on playback, or something else? If it’s still reproducible, can you please attach the project here? (I sound like a stuck record, but please allow me to reiterate again: Dorico is a document-based application, and in order to understand, reproduce and fix problems, we need the documents.)

  2. It’s counter-intuitive, but dynamics for percussion kits need to be added on the individual instrument staves, rather than when you’re looking at the 5-line staff or grid presentation type. So go to Layout Options, choose the Players page, and set your percussion kit to show as individual single-line instruments. You can now very quickly add dynamics to all of those instruments in one go using the new features added in version 2.2, and these will then play back even when you choose to show the percussion kit as a 5-line staff or grid.

Whaaaat? scratcheshead
Ok, this explains some weirdness I have been encountering recently. Didn’t know about this :laughing:

Dear Daniel, excuse me for my tardy reply, I had two days full of rehearsals and late performances so I couldn’t get to this earlier. This was also the last post I wrote after a whole day of reading about and testing the new software, I apologise for my lack of clarity.

This was in step input, I was able to replicate it on a different score also created on version 2.0. I was however, not able to reproduce it with a score made in 2.1 nor by starting a new score on 2.2. The problem is once I add the Straight tempo mark, even if I then delete it the problem goes away, so no point sending you the score as I no longer have any more scores with which to reproduce it. I’ll keep an eye on it or maybe somebody else will experience it.

Ah! Very interesting, this indeed works albeit in an odd manner. I need to study working with percussion a bit more to create a sensible/legible part that still plays back approximately correct. I will do more experimenting.

Thank you and be well!