Two pre-sale CC121 questions (relating to the channel settings window and using it alongside a EUCON controller)

Hi guys. I am thinking about getting the CC121 and would love to know two things:

  • I plan to use the CC121 mainly on MIDI tracks routed to multi-output VST track instruments (Kontakt). To control both the MIDI volume of the MIDI track, plus to control channel settings of the MIDI channel’s corresponding VST output channel (volume, eq, sends). I would like to know this: When I press the ‘e’ button at the bottom of the inspector for a MIDI track (Edit instrument channel settings), this opens the channel settings window for the corresponding VST output channel. Does the CC121 automatically pick up the right fader, EQ, sends etc. for that channel settings window or do I have to click on the channel/fader on the right first before the CC121 picks up that VST output channel (thereby unselecting the MIDI track I’m working on in the project window)?

  • I use and Avid Artist Mix (EUCON) exclusively for track quick controls. Will the CC121 work alongside the EUCON controller or will the two not get along?

Thanks so muck for any help on this.

In Cubase the cc121 is maybe one of the best nearby controllers that fit next to your keyboard, it is small and handy. It controls all you can thinks of in cubase. But if plugins do not support it, you can use midi learn on them. But the plugins must support that.
For me the CC121 will go along any controller. And even saves the need for an extra controller.

Also the support for wavelab is not so great CC121, but works ok.
I quess the more you go fom steinberg software you go into midi learn and programming midi for it.

Thanks for your thoughts, Dennis. So do you use it alongside a EUCON controller?

Did you find a way to do what you wanted in your first question (have CC121 open the corresponding VST channel when on a MIDI track) ?

Haven’t bought the CC121 (yet :-)), richardjay. But I don’t think it can do this.

Not sure if the generic remote can even do this. Maybe someone else knows…

As you know the e-button in the inspector will open a MIDI track’s corresponding VST output channel. Assuming their is still no key command for this button in Cubase, I encourage you to check out AutoHotkey (if you’re on Windows). There’s a learning curve, but it will allow you to assign a keyboard shortcut to any button on your screen (and much more).