Two problems of Condensing microtonal accidental and stem properties are not preserved

Dear developers and users,

I have found that “Condensing” has two problems:

  1. microtonal accidental is not preserved.
  2. hidden stem is not preserved.

Propagating properties does not work.

Please look at the following example:

How could it be resolved?
If you need the project file, I can send it by personal message.

Thanks in advance!

For the hidden stem, you can select the notes in Engrave mode that should show no stem and use the ‘Hide stem’ property again; this can have independent values for condensed and uncondensed music.

Please create a minimal example to reproduce the problem with the microtonal accidentals and attach that here. You can create a minimal example by using File > Save As to save your project under a new name, then delete all of the players apart from those that are necessary to reproduce the problem, and likewise delete all extra flows, then delete all bars that are surplus to reproducing the problem. Finally, go to Play > Playback Template and apply the Silence playback template. Save the project, zip it up, and then attach it here. (This procedure is explained in more detail in this sticky thread.)

As a user, I feel it would be much better if hiding stem is treated as a dependent value. It costs much time and unproductive.

I am attaching a new screenshot where you see the following two problems:

  1. microtonality is changed
  2. glissando is disappeared.
    condensing (948 KB)
    I hope the screenshot above and the attached Dorico project could help to find the problem and improve the future version of Dorico!
    Thanks in advance, and I am sorry that I did not attach the Dorico project file in the first post of the thread.

Thanks for attaching your project. There are some known limitations with glissando lines in condensed music at the moment, which we plan to address in future. I find that the microtonal accidentals in “Adieu Qi” in e.g. both the flutes and the clarinets both remain the same when the music is condensed. We are in any case planning to add some further control over accidental properties for condensing in future versions, which may provide you with the additional control you are looking for.